August 28, 2007

Alcohol in the Dugouts

So, after a recent alcohol related death in Major League Baseball, some teams have begun banning alcohol from their dugouts. This has inspired a minor outrage among players and coaches alike.

It inspired this from me...."they've been drinking DURING the games????"

I'm always surprised as to the overwhelming focus that people place on alcohol, and how it is so often the center of weekend plans.

Yet, most people don't consider this self-medication a problem. I'm just not sure why?


Justin Elder said...

I think your information is not exactly correct unless I'm completely misinformed. After Josh Hancock's death there were a few teams including the Padres and White Sox and probably a couple more that limited the amount of alcohol in their clubhouse, not specifically the dugout. I believe alcohol is not allowed in the dugout.

This brings up another point. Let's assume alcohol is in the dugout. Is this different from Angel Cabrera smoking during the Master's this year. Both can act as calming influences,right? As long as they are taken in moderation?

Eric Olsen said...

thanks for the clarification on the facts of the case justin.

correct, this idea of "moderation" is why people don't seem to consider drinking a problem. Josh Hancock wasn't drinking in moderation. But, I can, so it's not a big deal.

But, if I was sniffing glue, would you say that there is an amount that I could sniff that would be ok? Or is it just the fact that one is acceptable?

Justin Elder said...

It's got to be that it is acceptable. Sniffing glue isn't acceptable even in moderation, or at least you don't see people sniffing glue just once. Let's say that you liked the smell of mint leaves because it's relaxing, is that wrong to sniff mint leaves, probably not because it's acceptable. Alcohol and smoking is also acceptable even though hazardous to one's health if taken too much/too often/etc.

Almost completely unrelated, next year, I believe the U.S. Open is at Oakmont Country Club and they have a no smoking in public areas, including parks and Oakmont falls under that jurisdiction. It'll be interesting to see if Cabrera or Daly are not allowed to smoke there.

Anonymous said...

Yah, a decent amount of smoking does take place on the golf course (the paper I work for caught a ton of flak for putting a photo of a golfer smoking in the sports section, although it fit with the story).

As far as the question, I still say it is all about legality and social acceptability.

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