August 20, 2007

Big Business

There is nothing inherently wrong with a "big" business. There is something very wrong with an any-size business committing illegal activities or engaging in corrupt practices. But, these things are not intrinsically linked. For instance, how long then, would you root for the "good practice" underdog? Until your patronage causes them to become successful and grow? And then, do this company's "good practices" automatically disappear, because they have become "big" and therefore, "bad"?

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Anonymous said...

you should read this book i'm reading called "the powers that be" by walter wink. it goes right along with this idea. it talks about the spirit or power of any given group and explains that the moment it deviates from it's purpose...argueably the general welfare... then it becomes an evil power. this does not mean that the people under the power are evil. yeah. you should just read the book. it does a much better job of explaining itself than i do.


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