September 20, 2007

For Fans of "The Office"

During this season of 'The Office', NBC is having a contest on

There are several different virtual branches, and they will be competing against each other. I have applied as Regional Branch Manager for the Schaumburg, IL branch (virtually the only available branch in the MidWest) to represent the TWSS podcast. For those of you interested in competing against other online branches, visit and register as a regular employee of the Schamburg, IL branch using the password, 74gtynbdl9

There are many regional manager applicants for each branch, and they will be choosing one by next week. So, if I am not chosen, we will still all be on the same branch, working under a different regional manager.

Hope you can play! Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Can I be Assistant Regional Branch Manager?

Eric Olsen said...

fine, i'll bite.

you can be assistant TO the regional manager.

Justin Elder said...

Now wait a second, you can't just give titles away without looking at our applications. I'm pretty sure there might be other people interested in that title. Though I'd rather work in other areas, there are for sure other people who want that position

Eric Olsen said...

the branch is ours!

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