September 13, 2007

A New Word

Biggify [big-ih-fie] - to grow larger; increase; expand

I use this word quite often, and yet it is not universally (or even locally) accepted. Let's say I want a logo bigger on an ad I'm working on, and I write down "BIGGIFY" on the ad and give it back to the artist. They laugh at me, sometimes point, and question whether I'm really a writer or not.

But, the point of words and language rules is to enhance the means of communication. No one ever questions what I mean when I say "Biggify", and it's a much more active word than what people commonly correct me with, the term, "enlarge."

I think biggify sounds better. And I think Webster's should listen.


Arcane Rest said...

those people have to chilax it isn't as ginormous of a deal as rappers making up words, so just chill my nizzle (whoops)....relax my friend

Eric Olsen said...


email said...

I believe 'ginormous' actually made it into Webster's this go-round.

Eric Olsen said...

it DID in fact jmc, and i remember thinking, I wonder if that gained cultural acceptance through the movie, "Elf". Will Ferrel uses the term to describe the toilets in New York City, compared to those designed for elves in the North Pole.

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