October 09, 2007

A Challenge: Encouraging Invention

The next time you see a child entrepreneur (lemonade stand, etc.), pay $5 for the cup of lemonade.

My contention is that this will be one of the greatest ways you could ever spend $5. Not only will it be probably the coolest thing that's ever happened to the kid, and a story he'll remember for ever, but it will radically encourage the child's drive for entrepreneurship in the future.

Now, I'm NOT talking about kids selling magazines for their school, or candy bars for their scout troop (I'm not looking to create any more Mary Kay, Partylite fake pyramid scheme business models that abuse friendships than already exist out there.)

I'm talking about a kid who comes up with his own idea and acts upon it. Go out and embolden that kid's dream.


Anonymous said...

isn't your wife throwing a candle party?

Eric Olsen said...

exactly, that's how this came up. however, your mother said that all of the ladies WANTED to have a candle party, so i accepted this. and, she is NEVER doing it again. It's more of a house-warming.

Anonymous said...

she can have a party where people buy pieces of my art.

i think that fits right along with the theme of this post.

...though i am not 5.

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