October 19, 2007

If the Universe was Infinite

If the universe has been ever-expanding since it's conception, then by definition, it must be finite, correct?

But, IF the universal was eternal (which modern physics has declared is impossible since they have found a beginning "bang"), then an infinite universe could technically be possible. And IF the universe was infinite, then wouldn't that necessitate, by definition, other human-inhabited planets?

People call Earth the "Privileged Planet" because of the specific temperatures, molecular compounds, gravity, pressures, magnetism etc. that with such great fragility makes life possible.

But if the universe was truly infinite, even if the odds of an alternative "Earth" were 1-whatever quintillion^quintillion they say it is, infinity would beat those odds out.

But since it seems that the universe is still expanding and yet finite, it is quite probable that we are alone...besides from whoever started that bang.

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