October 22, 2007

Losers are Necessary

So, I commission a fantasy football league every year. I've done pretty well in the past, but am experiencing my first year of "horrendousness". And it's fairly discouraging. I feel like it reflects poorly both on my status as a sports fan as well as a man.

But, you know how when you're a kid, your mother used to let you win at board/card games so that you'd enjoy it?

So, can't I feel good about the fact that my poor performance is making some of my friends feel better about themselves.

I mean, I'm arrogant enough where I can take pride in something else pretty easily. So they can have football...this year.


Justin Elder said...

So, you're letting us win this year...?

Eric Olsen said...

hmm....never thought of that argument before....yes?

Arcane Rest said...


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