October 29, 2007

Respect for the Presidency

This is a fully-loaded post title. What does having respect for the position of presidency mean?

If you notice, President Bush is extremely careful not to denigrate any former President, and is extremely gracious and complimentary when he meets with President Clinton. This is contrary to the actions of many other former Presidents who are quick to throw these men under the bus in order to rise their historical ranking.

Once retired, President Harry S. Truman refused to make money off of his prestigious title. While President Clinton is making millions off book sales and speaking engagements, Truman refused either. President Bush recently stated his inclination to go on a similar speaking tour once he retires; the only problem might be getting the gigs.

Or does respect mean being careful not to abuse Presidential power? Well, we haven't had one of those in a while.

So, it comes down to which of these characteristics of respect do YOU respect the most?


Anonymous said...

I think it comes down to an undstanding that the Presidency is more than just the person, it is bigger than just President Bush or Clinton. The presidency is the highest honor for an American to attain, although now it is seen as something much less, representing more than 265 million people from the "best country in the world."

I liken it to baseball. You will see players that think that the sport of baseball owes them something because they played the game. I don't think these players understand that the game is what got them to where they are. I think the ego driven sport world overwhelms their own character and now they believe that baseball will not exist without their presence.

You could see Clinton making that same stance in the Presidency, making it more about him, and how he made such a difference. But really, old Arkansas Billy is famous because of the presidency and owes his celebrity to it.

I guess I just have more respect for people that are honored by the title they were elected to than those that believe they deserved it.

Anonymous said...

and eric, no use for the . after the S in Harry S Truman...his middle name was S

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