October 26, 2007

Stem Cell Sacrifice

Have you ever heard the argument that even if you do consider an unborn child to be human life, that the research done through harvesting these stem cells makes destruction worth it, because of all the diseases that could be cured through this research?

So, why aren't these proponents willingly donating their own bodies for this cause as well? Plus, they can offer blood, working organs, etc. Seems to me like a no-brainer by that logic.


Anonymous said...

the stem cells from an unborn child are not yet specialized and are able to be used and manipulated better.

but people should be giving up more of themselves. especially things they can do without...i.e. parts of your liver, kidneys, bone marrow...

these things are reproducible. and really needed. yeah.

we should have bone marrow drives.

Anonymous said...

i believe that through research there has been better outcomes with olfactory stem cells and umbilical cord stem cells. The stem cells from embryos simply have not showed as much promise as once thought; however, good old scientists desire to 'be thorough' to determine if they could meet unrealistic expectiations. Honestly, if the umbilical cord has stem cells that can be used and show more promise and does not cause an uproar from the prolife advocates, shouldn't we pursue this, instead of dividing because of the meaningless destruction of embroyos?

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