November 07, 2007

The Problem with Names

My friend's name is Stacy Peterson. She lives in Chicago. So, I'm driving to work the other day and hear on the radio that Stacy Peterson is missing and that foul play has been considered. Her physical description matches my friend's as well.

It wasn't her. But needless to say, I'm sure plenty of her family and friends were scared for a minute, especially when the media let the sound-byte stop there before giving the name of her suspected husband, etc.

So, here's the problem. What if someone from Chicago with my name becomes a convicted serial killer, pedophile, etc.? Then I get the wrap. That's why you should name your kid something ridiculous.

Unless your kid actually DOES become a serial killer. Then, he can't say, "No, that must be a DIFFERENT Gonzo Potatohead."

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