November 21, 2007

Re-Thinking Robin Hood

As you well know, I have publicly vilified Robin Hood on this blog on several occasions, pronouncing him as utter communistic propaganda.

But today, I rethink my hypothesis. Why couldn't Robin Hood be used as libertarian propaganda for someone like Ron Paul instead?

He is taking back money that was wrongly taxed from the populace. Robin Hood does not have to be seen only as a rich-bad, poor-good scenario. It merely sheds a positive light on limited government and lower taxation. So, I guess Robin Hood can be whatever you want. He'll always be Kevin Costner to me.


TJarrett said...

And he'll always be Cary Elwes to me.

World's Worst Grandpa said...

Kevin Costner once stole my bag of cans. Bastard!

Eric Olsen said...

Consider it a gift my friend, that you were able to bless that gifted thesbian with your bounty. And remember the Lord's words, "whatever you do for the richest of the Hollywood elite, you do also to me."

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