November 01, 2007

Soda Lid Covers

So, what if you saw someone start licking the outside of a bag of potato chips? Kind of unsanitary seeming, right? Anyone could have touched it throughout the manufacturing/production process. Anything could be on that. It's not part of the vacuum-sealed process.

Yet, we lick the outside metal of soda cans all the time. But, somehow, this seems ok, because it's a necessity of the process, right?

Now, I'm not trying to be a germophobe and pretend like we should be overly concerned about this. But, I do spot a marketing opportunity.

The first company to create a built in lid protector is going to create a need in the marketplace for this. Once people have the choice between small chance of sucking on rat feces to no chance, there's no real contest.

Mark my words. Whoever does it first will win. And the rest will surely follow.


email said...

You mean you don't wipe it off first?

Eric Olsen said...

isn't that just like wiping an apple off on your shirt? does that really do anything, or just add your shirt germs on to the apple?

Anonymous said...

germs don't really exist.

and if they do, we prolly should stop trying to avoid them at all costs.

i have a very good immune system, and i live like germs aren't real. i mean, i don't get sick very often.

therefore, i would not pay more for said product.

Justin Elder said...

Alright exists right?

Used these growing up...

Eric Olsen said...

justin, i want a simpler version shipped with EVERY can

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