November 09, 2007


So, they're remodeling at my office today. And I get to work from home. I've never done that before.

On a related note, Drew Carey doesn't make a very good Bob Barker replacement.

I'm kidding, I just watched one game. It wasn't even Plinko. What a waste of time.

But, this is definitely the future. And as a writer, I definitely don't have to be at work to get stuff done. And I save 2 hours of commuting. But, any advice out there for how to concentrate around so many distractions?


Anonymous said...

Distractions - working fom home?

I've been telecommuting to work for nearly 4 years now. I've only visited my company's offices twice, and both times, I found the "real" office environment astoundigly distracting. You walk to the coffee machine - you have to pass by a half dozen desks with people who may or may not want to engage in small talk. Same on the way to/from a bathroom, water cooler, whatever. At home, such excurisions are straight to the point - efficient. But I suppose there's something to do with the familiarity of the envirnoment in all that as well...

I'm not sure there's any advice that would help you over such a short time. I think after a while, you just learn the boundaries.

Whenever I tell people that I work from home, they usually make some comment about how much discipline that mush require. And to some degree they are right, but I've found it takes more discipline to stop working than to stay motivated.

Stacy Peterson said...

Problem with working from home on a full time basis.... it becomes very hard to ever just be home and not feel like you are at work.

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