December 20, 2007

To Fix a Stranger's Brokeness

I wish I could hug strangers.

There was a lady walking out of my health club today softly sobbing. I couldn't ask her what was wrong. I couldn't give her a hug. I couldn't help patch the broken. Because I'm a weird stranger.

How could I help in this situation? What could I do?


Anonymous said...

just do something clown dance

Anonymous said...

oh, strangers CAN in fact do something. who says sitting down next to them and sincerely asking them if what is wrong. if they don't want to answer, they don't have to. my guess is they'll be glad someone noticed them. i've gone up to many a stranger and ended up talking to them about their troubles. mostly listening. i've no doubt that stopping and showing them someone cares made a WHOLE lot of a difference. moreover, ask what's wrong and you'll be surprised at the times people will answer.


Eric Olsen said...

i want your bravery.

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