January 04, 2008

All It Takes

All it takes to win the Iowa Primary as a Republican is saying you love Jesus... apparently.

Mike Huckabee was the only Republican candidate who clearly and constantly embraced his Christian faith. And although he is in real terms, the LEAST fiscally conservative candidate running for the Republicans by a mile, he slides in with an easy victory.

I'm more confused than ever.


Anonymous said...

Well, Giuliani isn't socially conservative, Romney wears the title of flip-flopper better than John Kerry ever did, Ron Paul isn't seen as mainstream, Bush supporters might still be harboring a grudge against McCain, Fred Thompson barely seems to be alive and Duncan Hunter has managed to spend months campaigning for president without anyone knowing who the heck he is.

I admit it is weird, but I think it also speaks a bit to the lack of any stand-out Republican candidate this time around. I mean, initially I thought Huckabee was running mostly as an excuse to hock his weight-loss book.

Eric Olsen said...

wow...that actually all makes sense.

i feel a LITTLE better now i guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Jesus factor played into the Iowa results to some degree, but I really think that is a peripheral issue.

If you watched the caucus night speeches by both Huckabee and Obama, a common theme should've been clear: Voters (at least in Iowa) aren't nearly as concerned with the substance of the candidates as the style. In my opinion, this is why the two best communicators in both fields won in Iowa.

After years of an administration "stubbornly" staying involved in Iraq and a do-nothing Congress deadlocked because no one wants to stray from idealogical lines (or so it seems), voters on both sides of the aisle are looking for candidates who seem less married to traditional idealogical lines and more human. Or perhaps voters just assume not much will change no matter who wins the nomination, so may as well elect a president who can speak the English language well and has a generally agreeable personality.

On a side note, the Reagan and Kennedy overtones of the speeches delivered by Huckabee and Obama, respectively, were too strong to ignore. I just wonder, assuming these two are the general election nominees (which is a big assumption), who are Americans most comfortable with at this point in history, Reagan or Kennedy?

Eric Olsen said...

"Voters (at least in Iowa) aren't nearly as concerned with the substance of the candidates as the style."

I'm slowly realizing that as a universal truth. It's hard for me as an economics-minded individual.

But, there is an economic benefit that results from hope. So, maybe I should rethink the importance of style.

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