January 07, 2008

Conservatives Should Encourage a Barack Nomination

If Hilary gets the nomination, and loses the general, Democrats will just say "oh, she's not well liked." That isn't an excuse for Barack though. If he gets the nomination, and loses the general, Democrats would have to consider the idea that their ideas are simply not winning over the majority of the land.

Perhaps a more likely scenario, Barack getting the nomination and winning the general, would mean that conservatives would actually have to regroup and agree on what the party is all about.

Again, this is assuming rational thinking, which is always a big mistake.

Whoever wins, the loser and the respective party will likely blame the results on something other than themselves or their beliefs.


Anonymous said...

A Democrat winning also will give the Republicans what they need most right now: an end to the war in Iraq, and not just for the obvious reason. Think about how the Republicans took over Congress in the first place. While the mobilization by the Christian Coalition had a part, I remember a lot of talk about things like balanced budgets. Can any Republican currently both say that we're going to stay in Iraq and balance the budget without getting laughed out of the room? Can they bring up the size of the national debt? Nope.

Anonymous said...

if obama is nominated, he'll win. all of the sheep will vote for him because of his charisma, regardless of what he really believes. immigration, terrorism, abortion, economy would all be pretty big sacrifices to make just to have the republicans learn a lesson

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