January 24, 2008

Constantly Sleepy

I wake up tired every morning. I'm tired at work. I usually wake up a little during lunch. Then, I'm really tired in the afternoon. Then, I'm awake for dinner, and am tired again until it's time for bed.

I probably get an average amount of sleep compared to most Americans. And yet I spend most of my life tired.

Is this normal? natural? a recent historical trend?

It just doesn't seem right. Or should I just compare it to eating? Where I'm always hungry. But, it's a controllable hunger.


Jarrett said...

So you are always hungry, but you've admitted you sometimes forget to eat (whether it be that second bowl of cereal or lunch). Is it possible you are forgetting to sleep at night?

By the way, I found your questions re: drinking interesting. Made me thirsty ;)

Bhagya said...

Yeah I seem to face the same issue too. I feel very sleepy during the day and tired. I want to do a lot of things, but am fatigued mostly and get tired easily. These symptoms are usually connected to Sleep Apnea, but am not sure if that is the case with me. Cause I don't seem to have any breathing problems.

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