January 21, 2008

Why Do You Drink?

I am looking for reasons why you drink alcohol, whether in small or large doses. If you asked yourself, "Why am I doing this?" before every drink you took, what would some of your most common answers be?


Matt J said...

mmmmmmm. liquid fun

Cheesehead Runner said...

Let's see, there's just so many..
This tastes great...
I'm stressed and want to relax
Out for a good time with friends/family
This works out for me as I can remember how many I've had, if your cereal counting troubles extend to drinking that could be a problem.....

Eric Olsen said...


well, fortunately, cocoa krispies has no "pregnant or could become pregnant" warning on it

the "stressed and want to relax" one is the one i was looking for. This is a very honest admittal of a common reason for drinking. Yet, there is no other drug in this country where one could say "I need it to relax" without being publicly hectored. why is this?

Stacy Peterson said...

honestly, don't think about it. just know that sometimes it sounds good. And yes, sometimes it is social... when offered I won't pass up! My experience is that very rarely it has hurt conversation. sometimes I have some wine to relax I suppose, or to help me sleep (without taking drugs made by crazy chemists. no offense to them, i would just rather use grapes!)

why is it? (referring to previous post..) well, maybe because alcohol has been around since biblical times. I admit, I don't know exactly when... All I know is that it has been made for centuries from natural resources. Alcohol's effects when used in MODERATION have actually proved to be beneficial. Loaded question, as usual.

my question- why this post?

Eric Olsen said...

i think it's important to question what we do, and why we do it.

Sometimes, our lifestyles have become so habitual, we may have developed habits that when thought about, might change.

Anonymous said...

roughly quoted from my roommate:

we always drink, in moderation or in excess, to escape. Whether that escape is from circumstance or from something as simple as inhibitions is dependent upon the person.

As for health benefits, why not just drink grape juice and take vitamins? I believe we use reasons such as this to support our use of alcohol, but it is not, in fact, WHY we drink.

do we drink as a social norm? By this I mean do we consume as a part of our culture. Coming from an Italian family, I quickly refute most American raised people who claim that drinking is a social cultural act in America. The only person I have met...though I admit in my few years... who has truly drank for socio/cultural reasons was my Nonno (which is the word for Grandfather in Italian). I've spent much time trying to decipher what the difference was between the way he drank and the way people in our culture drink to no avail. It may be that this is difference only distinguishable through observation. Even with this being said, I will still try to explain, mostly, through more questions.

A major difference I observed was his lack of differentiation between the wine on the table and the can of sprite. He grew up with wine on the dinner table, and drinking it with pasta was like drinking milk with cookies. Our culture does not, for the most part, view alcohol in this way. At work I listen to grown... I say this as the youngest employee in my office... business men and women talk about going to the bars and "having fun." The attitude is much different. From observation, the social/cultural use of alcohol in America is to drink in excess, to "have a god time," and to feel cool doing it.

I have decided to not drink at all for various reasons. Because of this decision, I've been able to step back and watch from a different perspective. I have chosen not to drink, so I am exempt from the phenomena of telling myself why I drink. I hope that makes sense... When I ask people why they do it, the conversation mostly ends by them defending their decision or trying to convince themselves that they have made the right one. When people talk about drinking, it takes a lot of will power to not either laugh at the triviality of the conversation or to not shake them and explain that at this point they drink to look cool and have things to talk about with the other "cool kids."

I'm going to end at this point with an inability to make new points without repeating old.


Eric Olsen said...


Plus...I don't think I'm personally comfortable with any answer I could give to that question. Which is what made me curious as to other's thoughts.

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