February 14, 2008


In 1923, there was no Best in Show winner at the Westminster Kennel Club, because of changing rules stating that interbred dogs were no longer eligible to compete.

I'm wondering what the Miss America Pageant would be like if those same rules applied? You'd have to show your family's immigration papers, Caucasians with any sort of tan would be highly scrutinized, etc.

I mean, doesn't purebred just mean INbred? The Westminster could be missing out on some hot Pugtrievers.

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Stacy Peterson said...

No no... they are missing out on Puggles! We were pretty proud of that Beagle, Peter is 1/2 Beagle, and we have always embraced it. Now, his heritage proves to be a prize winner.

I enjoyed your commentary and the dialogue here could go far...race, ethnicity, and culture are a never ending interest, passion, and mystery to me.

On an ending note..My husband is 1/2 Swedish. He wins prizes for that. Me, I am a full blown mutt and proud of it! But no prizes..

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