February 08, 2008

The Power of Hot

So, in high school, I was intimidated by girls that I thought were comparatively more attractive than myself, "out of my league" if you will. By merely thinking that, I gave them a certain amount of symbolic power over myself.

Power was aesthetic.

So today, when a woman is in charge of me at the workplace, it confuses me if she is not comparatively more attractive than me. Reverting back to my youth, I naturally feel that I should have the power based on aesthetics alone.

Depending on how many men share this natural prejudice, if Hilary were better looking, she'd have a better chance to win. Because the woman in power would make sense, after all, she'd be out of our league.


Braden said...

My problem has always been that I think that I'm comparatively more attractive than everyone, even when it's blatantly obvious that I'm wrong. But I stick to my guns...

braden's wife said...

And that is the source of all our marital problems!!!

Sabai said...

after further discussions about this, I'm hearing an opposite theory. That an attractive woman would be automatically assumed as less intelligent and would lose votes that way.

Since I am wrongfully arrogant however, I do not grant power to intelligence because of the impossibility of a superior opponent.

So for those like me, an attractive woman would do better.

But for those whom view intelligence as power, I can see how the opposite may occur.

Therefore, the question is, what is the perfect amount of attractiveness that would help Hillary out the most?

Matt J said...

on a scale from 1 to 10? where 10 is smoking hot and 1 is a man

Sabai said...

or you could give me the name of someone you think she could look like and be more successful