February 19, 2008

Regarding Hypocrisy...

It is not hypocritical for someone who drives a Prius to also fly on a plane.

It IS hypocritical for someone who drives a Prius to yell horrible things at Hummer drivers while going to the airport to get on a plane.

Similarly, I often hear people say how Christians are hypocritical. And maybe they are. But, a sinning Christian can not necessarily be equated with hypocrisy unless the Christian yells horrible things about people who are doing things that they also do.

Claiming to be a Christian is not a claim to personal righteousness. Quite the opposite, becoming one requires an admittance of failure. Christians are simply recovering selfaholics.

So, for those actual hypocritical Christians, instead of running around pointing and yelling about what's technically a sin and what's not, focus on what Jesus focused on, the fact that all sin is the result of a heart condition. Don't focus on stopping the sin. Focus on fixing the heart. No yelling necessary. No hypocrisy either.


Braden said...

I think as humans, well... at least for me this is how it is: I grab onto any little thing that I do reasonably well because most of everything else I am horrible at. Then when I see someone failing at the one thing I'm good at, instead of trying to help or feeling sad, I put them down. And this somehow makes me feel superior. Instead of focusing on the solution (Christ) I focus on the problem, which rarely helps anything.

Braden said...

And in this whole process I'm blind to any of my own flaws.

Sabai said...

you hypocrite. no, exactly. and your recognition of this paradox is probably 90% of the battle.