February 18, 2008

So Hungry I Could...

Eat a horse?

I believe this sentiment to be outdated. I don't often see horses, so it doesn't work as a strong metaphor for me. Plus, it would actually be a weird amount of food. Unlike, "I could eat a mountain of potatoes", which is so far removed from reality, that it works better as an exaggeration.

My suggestion is to change the former to "I'm so hungry I could EAT HORSE."

With that expression, you'd get immediate feedback of "Wow, that's disgusting. You must be pretty darn hungry."


Braden said...

How about "Man I'm so hungry I could eat Fazoli's."

Sabai said...

nice. you have those in Utah? How is a place that bad seriously a national chain?

They make the only thing that I can actually cook myself, make it much worse, and charge way more than it costs me.

Chris said...

Good point. And why are we disgusted by horse eating and not cow eating? Anyone for horse?