February 06, 2008

United By......

For those who say "it is time we reach across the aisle and unite on a common purpose", I say, what is our common purpose?

To my like-minded representatives, I do not want you to reach across the aisle so that others will like you. I want you to walk across the aisle and persuade the others that they are mistaken.

After all, what does a compromise look like when we believe in opposite things?

I'm pro-war. I'm anti-war. Ok, how 'bout we only have small wars? Done.
I'm big government. I'm small government. Ok, how 'bout we have a medium-size government? Done.

It's silly. I'm not asking you to consider the opposition your enemy. They are not. I'm asking you to treat the opposition's ideas for what they are, the antithesis of what you claim to believe is truth.

And in the arena of ideas, I do believe that "the truth will outring what is loud", even it takes some time. So, keep your ideas as ideals. The rest of us will catch up. Or you will.


Anonymous said...

"The arena of ideas?" You are one of those brain washed ditto-heads talking like that!

Eric Olsen said...

it's a good phrase. he doesn't own it. anyway, i invented the word mento, and that stupid mint company stole it from me.

Anonymous said...

I'd always heard it as marketplace of ideas back in debate.

And while I think compromise can be constructive on issues that aren't so black and white, part of it also is working together on issues they agree upon without trying to play political games and score points. Plus sometimes compromise, especially when it comes to budgets, is necessary. See: Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Amen to this. This is why I am not supporting the work across the aisle candidate this election season.

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