March 12, 2008

The Anti-War Party

...historically, is who?

World War I - Woodrow Wilson (Democrat)
World War II - FDR (Democrat)
The Korean War - Harry Truman (Democrat)
The Vietnam War - JFK (Democrat)


Steve said...

Other than sounding good in speeches, does the past matter when looking at political parties (unless you're studying how platforms shift)?

Eric Olsen said...

the past reminds us that we don't really understand the past.

and that war is always unpopular.

and that the party not in power always uses it against the party in power.

Steve said...

Ahhhh ... I thought you were going for something else. But extrapolating from that, where does it go? Are you saying that we need historical perspective to judge the merit of a certain war? And if so, wouldn't this apply just as much to supporters?

Eric Olsen said...

absoutely. i think if al gore was President right now, conservatives would be the anti-war party, and would be calling to get out.

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