March 14, 2008

Moral Compass

At work, I turn off my monitor every night. The people who leave theirs on drive me crazy. I drive the guy next to me crazy, because he shuts down his entire computer every night.

On the highway, people going faster than me are crazy and people going slower are sissys. So, to those people, respectively, I'm a sissy and a crazy as well, right?

The guy who doesn't kiss his wife until they're married. C'mon. The guy who eats more donuts than me. Disgusting.

Why do I automatically assume my moral compass as flawless, and judge anyone with looser restrictions as pagan, and anyone with tighter restrictions, a prude? Maybe because I don't want to consider that I could be doing something wrong?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

one of my room mates likes to recycle and buy energy efficient appliances but fails to turn off the lights when she leaves the room and takes two 45 min. showers everyday.

it just leaves me perplexed.


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