April 15, 2008

Bringing German Efficiency to Parlance

So, here's my problem.

Many people love to talk. But, many of these people are also very boring.

e.g. "So, I was at the store last tuesday, or maybe it was wednesday, no, definitely tuesday, yeah, 'cause it was right after she called me about that thing, anyway..."

And yet, if I spin my finger to get people to skip to the point, they are rightfully insulted.

So, I am looking for us to develop a universal symbol or phrase to signal the speaker that "this train of thought is unnecessary to the point."

any ideas?

Obviously, teaching the world the life skill of empathizing with the listener would be a more mutually beneficial long-term solution, but in the short-term, I'm just looking to get out of some of these avoidable time wasters.


Bradenex said...

I give them a power frown. This usually gets them to falter in their concentration and lose their train of thought. I then take that opportunity to interject my own ideas/run away.

Eric Olsen said...

i love it!

Steve said...

Hope you've got someone like the guy who sits next to me at work. He's a great guy, but he likes to tell stories from his past that often are kind of long.

The thing is, he will keep telling the story whether you are actively listening or not, so if I'm busy I'll just go back to my work, turning and nodding occasionally so as not to hurt his feelings.

Eric Olsen said...

Steve, that's EXACTLY what I do. Yet, these guys obviously aren't learning the lesson, right. Should we just consider this a burden, or is there any nice way to stop this occurrence - for the sake of BOTH parties?

Steve said...

Eh, truthfully there are much worse kinds of co-workers. I suggest acting like you're busy. Maybe this wouldn't work in your job, but I've always found that waiting for a pause and then shouting a question at someone across the newsroom in an urgent, I-need-this-or-I-won't-make-deadline tone does the trick.

Steve said...

Plus, if he or she doesn't care if you're actively engaged in the conversation, it usually isn't that big of a hassle.

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