April 08, 2008

Gift Registry Fraud

My friend's getting married. So, I went to Target.com to pick something out from his registry. I did not know he was registered here. But, it has become my default store to guess first. Probably about an 80% success rate. And success today.

But, the wedding date did not match his wedding date. So, I got confused. But, with matching bride and groom and bride names, and an Illinois wedding...I felt pretty safe purchasing.

It also made me think of an idea.

Find a couple who's getting married. Maybe look in your local paper for engagement announcements. See if they're registered at Target.com. If not, you go and register at Target.com under their names and have the gifts shipped to your address.

Then, send gracious thank you cards for every gift you receive.

Everybody wins.

1 comment:

Swistle said...

You are so brilliantly devious.

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