April 02, 2008

If Only I Had a Child to Abuse

Let's say you never give your kid crappy food.

And I don't mean unhealthy, I mean only GOOD unhealthy. No Dominos. Only Lou Malnatis. No Fudgsicles. Only Godiva.

The child would develop a much more discerning palette at an early age. And then growing up as a child, having mostly access to only the lower-class of unhealthy goods at birthday parties and the like, the child would reject them.

Is this feasible, or can you only develop a palette that can tell the difference between good and bad if you actually experience both?


Cheesehead Runner said...

Are you saying they wouldn't get to eat ramen.....because really, you haven't lived until you've eaten ramen....

Marc said...

Yes @ cheesehead. Totally.

It's posts like this that really want me to encourage you to reproduce :-)

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