April 01, 2008

Jesus Wasn't Jewish

Words change.

And while 2,000 years ago, it was appropriate to identify Jesus as a Jew, I no longer think this identification makes sense. 2,000 years ago, Jews were the remnant of the children of God, those who followed the commands of the law, waiting for the Messiah to come who would fix the separation problem between man and God that happened because of the fall in the Garden.

Jesus claimed to be that Messiah.

So, today, Jews are the remnant of THAT remnant who do NOT believe that Jesus was that Messiah.

And by definition, doesn't that excludes Jesus as a Jew?


kycritic said...

well...kinda. i think we've gotta look at lineage too. if my parents are serbs, then i'm a serb. ethnically that is...nothing to do with national borders. if my parents are jewish then i'm a jew...ethnically that is...nothing do do with personal religious decisions.

Eric Olsen said...

so, does Jewish mean "from Jerusalem" or "from the tribe of Judah" or what?

kycritic said...

yep. from ancient hebrews. descendants of abraham. and then you've got lots of sub-ethnic groups within them.

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