April 29, 2008

What is Wrong with these People?

Ever been driving, and get cut off just so the person can slow down once they get in front of you, and you throw your hands in the air and shout "What is Wrong with these People?"

Exactly. There's a problem with the human condition. A problem with you. And with me.

And we can all feel it.


Marc said...

You know, I've actually thought about this one.

I think it's just a physics thing. In order to execute an effective cutting-off maneuver, you need to speed up, then insert yourself, then reduce your speed to prevent a rear-ending of the person in front of you. Ergo, braking. Now, if there's not a person in front of you and you slow down anyway, then yeah, that's just idiotic.

And we're all sinners.

Eric Olsen said...

i tend to forgive the former occurrence more than the latter. It's the latter that throws up my hands.

It's like they've chosen me to spite out of all the strangers sitting in cars on the road.

Maybe it's my bumper sticker that says "your way of life is wrong!"

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