April 07, 2008

What Say You?

Theory #1: Kids grow up too fast. They're seeing things and experiencing things that ruin their innocence too early in life.

Theory #2: Kids don't grow up fast enough. There are too many 22-year-olds out there who have no idea what responsibility means.

Which way do you lean?

'cause I think both are right. But, it's not just the "innocence" that I'm worried about kids losing.

It's the fact they love unconditionally. They forgive blindly. Their dad can be the biggest jerk in the world, and they still want to hug him.

When do we lose that?


Anonymous said...

My theory is that the 2 theories are related. The kids that grow up too fast turn into the kids that don't grow up fast enough. Children who see and experience things before they reach an age where they can properly process it probably are still unable to take on responsibility in their 20's because they are still working through the issues of their childhood.
As for when we stop seeing our parents as perfect, I guess we all take a big bite of the apple and see things as they really are at some point.
My question is- can we return to that childlike state of hugging and loving the jerk Dad after realizing him as that?

Eric Olsen said...

so, how do we shelter while not sheltering?

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