May 30, 2008

At What Point...

would it have been moral to go and remove Hitler from power?

U.S. involvement officially occurred after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. By the time Hitler was self-removed, 6 million innocent Jews died. 59 million total soldier deaths among over 20 countries. Over 2 trillion dollars spent.

In hindsight, does a pre-emptive effort seem moral?

May 29, 2008

A Kiss by any other Name

So, I asked one of my buddies if there were any girls that he would make out with that he wouldn't want to date. He said, "Of course."

What does that say? That the pursuits of love and intimacy are separate?

That he is not only looking for a woman to love, but additionally, women in general as a vehicle for that intimacy?

May 28, 2008

May 27, 2008

Why Would Anyone...

Run a marathon more than once?

You know you've thought it. And for those of you, doesn't that say something about ourselves? We can't imagine the fact that anyone did this heroic feat for more than the purposes of saying that they did it. That's why we Midwesterners go rub Lincoln's nose in Springfield, go to the top of the arch in St. Louis, and go to the top of the Sears tower in Chicago. To say we did. That's why we see certain movies, read certain books, eat certain foods.

Those who continually do these things? Are they crazy? No. They actually enjoy doing the things we just want to have pictures of.

May 23, 2008

Knock First

Ever try opening a stall door to realize someone's inside? Pretty awkward, no? And sometimes it's hard to spot feet without bending over to peer under like a psycho.

Solution? Glass walls.

You're welcome.

May 22, 2008

White Collar Evolution

I think it might have been Plato who said something to the fact of "If the student does not surpass the master, the master has failed."

I was thinking about that today. Because, I can spot all of my boss's flaws pretty easily. So, I probably won't make them when I get to be in that position. The people I manage one day will probably avoid my flaws after seeing them as well. So, you'd think we'd keep getting better and better, right? As long as we're striving for it?

May 21, 2008

I am a Racist

I make instant, subliminal presumptions about one's character based on what they look like.

May 20, 2008

What's Better?

1) Buy all eco-friendly, fair-trade goods.

2) Buy everything from WalMart, but donate the difference directly to needy families within your community.

*Lauren stemmed this idea in a comment a few days ago

May 19, 2008

Outwardly Conscious

Empathy is one of the most important life skills you can have.

Before you say anything, empathize with the audience, your listener. Do they care about what you're saying? If not, feel free to keep it to yourself. If you're trying to persuade, do you understand their viewpoint? If not, you're probably not going to convince them.

Empathy. They should teach this stuff at schools. Maybe get rid of Geography or something.

May 15, 2008

Flip My Business

It's the same idea as house flipping. Smart business persons take up failing businesses for cheap. Refocus, rebrand, and sell for a profit.

Could this work? What kind of businesses would be the best options for this concept? Mom and Pop shops? Small tech companies?

May 14, 2008

Ten on an Island


The premise is that there are ten people on an island, they are a sovereign nation, and they are trying to best determine how to govern themselves.

Question #5: Some want the group to go out and harvest apples one day. Some think the group should concentrate on fishing. How does the group decide what to do?

May 13, 2008

America's Easy

If you wanted to run for President in this country under either major party, the talking points are pretty simple.

But, let's say you're running for President in Zimbabwe, where inflation is over 10,000% a month, and the unemployment rate is 80%. What kind of platform do you run on that could actually be attainable?

May 12, 2008

I'm Going to Try Heroin

Because it must be amazing if people are willing to give up everything for it.

May 09, 2008

You're Welcome

Future President, are you ready for the solution that will propel you to the top during this campaign? Look no further.

Propose a total ban on farm equipment.

That alone will guarantee universal employment in this country. Imagine how many people it will take to plow, plant and harvest millions of acres of American farmland.

(Let's see how well we're learning here. Just try and shoot this bullet-proof plan down.)

May 07, 2008

Are Gladiators Going Extinct?

So, as health has gotten better over the last hundred years, people have been getting taller, bigger, stronger, etc. But, as the technological revolution continues over the next few hundred years, there will be less and less of a need for manual laborers, correct?

And, since muscles won't provide a competitive advantage anymore, won't they start to go away? And if so, won't the competition on American Gladiators automatically get easier?

I plan on taking HGH now just in case.

Sabai Says:

"Ignorance is only bliss if nothing matters."

May 06, 2008


There's a preacher getting flack for calling the Catholic Church an apostate church. The inference being made is that the preacher hates Catholics. Is that fair?

Doesn't EVERY non-Catholic by definition, think that the Catholic church is incorrect? Can I hate smoking without hating smokers?

Can I hate deception without hating those who are being deceived?

May 05, 2008

Boy, I Look Good

You've heard the oft-used sitcom line where a man says "Boy, if I were a woman, I'd just stare at myself in the mirror all day."

Funny, right? But, is it true? This begs the question...

Are homosexuals sexually attracted to themselves?

If a female is attracted to the female form, wouldn't they be, by definition, attracted to their own?

Yes, I'm trying to start out the week as politically incorrect as possible.

May 02, 2008


Christians are often closed-minded, right? That's a common generalization at least. But, aren't most people closed-minded? Most people think that the way they're living life is alright, in fact they would probably describe themselves as "good" people. And here's the funny thing:

Someone who becomes a Christian at some point had to come to the realization that they suck. That they are in need of redemption.

So, what happens to cause these Christians to become closed-minded?

A) Maybe these "Christians" never came to that conclusion that they required redemption - only that they discovered God for themselves.
B) They have terrible memories.
C) Maybe confidence in truth signals arrogance to the world.

What do you think?

May 01, 2008

Bumper Sticker

What if you saw a bumper sticker that read:
"Your Way of Life is Wrong"?

What's your first impression?

Now, does your impression change depending on who's driving the car? Or what other bumper stickers are on the car?

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