America's Easy

If you wanted to run for President in this country under either major party, the talking points are pretty simple.

But, let's say you're running for President in Zimbabwe, where inflation is over 10,000% a month, and the unemployment rate is 80%. What kind of platform do you run on that could actually be attainable?


Anonymous said…
Free AIDS for Everyone
Sabai said…
i appreciate you taking the "attainable" part of the thought exercise literally. But, we can set the bar higher than that can't we? :)
chris said…
"I am not Mugabe." Its hard not to take the attainable part literally, seems any slogan that isn't ZANU-PF gets you beaten or killed by the dictator in Zimbabwe these days.
Sabai said…
yeah chris, i think you're right about the "can't be worse than the current." But, what kind of economic proposal could a candidate even offer to cause hope to stir among the populace?
Anonymous said…
Make the money based on a gold standard
Sabai said…
alright crazy, next thing you're going to be pushing for individual freedoms, too.

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