May 30, 2008

At What Point...

would it have been moral to go and remove Hitler from power?

U.S. involvement officially occurred after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. By the time Hitler was self-removed, 6 million innocent Jews died. 59 million total soldier deaths among over 20 countries. Over 2 trillion dollars spent.

In hindsight, does a pre-emptive effort seem moral?


Anonymous said...

Yes. Also in hindsight - we should've developed and dropped the first atomic bomb sooner than we did.

That's just how crazy I am.

Eric Olsen said...

you didn't specify where...that could define your craziness.

kansas = extra crazy

Jeff said...

I think you mean the bombing of Pearl Harbor, since D-Day was in June, 1944.

Not sure where you got those costs, but they seem off as of December 7, 1941. Are they adjusted for inflation?

Eric Olsen said...

see what happens when you leave for years at a time?? no one's here to fact-check my pre-coffee morning ramblings. thank you. problem corrected. yes, adjusted for inflation in terms of 1990 dollars. cite: Internets.

still curious for your answer, too.

congrats on the campaign so far, bro.

stop by more often!

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