Boy, I Look Good

You've heard the oft-used sitcom line where a man says "Boy, if I were a woman, I'd just stare at myself in the mirror all day."

Funny, right? But, is it true? This begs the question...

Are homosexuals sexually attracted to themselves?

If a female is attracted to the female form, wouldn't they be, by definition, attracted to their own?

Yes, I'm trying to start out the week as politically incorrect as possible.


Chris said…
Ha! By definition, gays and lesbians are attracted to some members of their own gender...not ALL members of the same gender. This is like saying straight people, by definition, are attracted to the opposite gender so wouldn't straight men be attracted to their sisters and mothers? Oh, and using the word "homosexuals" is a sure fire way to make a gay person know you're a homophobe, FYI. Love the blog, by the way, keeps me thinkin'
Lauren said…
Good point, it is plausable but may not happen to every homosexual person.

Chris; that's not entirely true. I use the word homosexual because I find it more polite than saying gay. My best friend is homosexual, so you can hardly say I'm a homophobe.
Sabai said…
the oedipan example does help, thanks. i'm still curious if it happens.

i think the inference that using the word "homosexual" connotes homophobia is probably a bit off, at least until that rule becomes universal. 'cause I've had black friends who prefer "black" and those who prefer "african-american". and i still don't know what's right.
chris said…
Just cause they gay person thinks/knows one is a homophobe doesn't mean one is one. My point is...find something written by a gay writer...and (nine times out of ten) they're gonna use "gay" or "queer" (because that's the most inclusive) and only use "homosexual" in jest. Go to some far-right, anti-gay blog and they're gonna use "homosexual." Obviously, I don't know who's a homophobe and whose not (although having a best friend who is gay doesn't make one not), I'm just saying that when a gay person hears someone say "homosexual" they know they've got something to be nervous about. Its kinda like the equivalent of calling a black person a "colored person." Best method in any the person what word you'd like them to use.
Sabai said…
ok, the problem is we're starting to redefine words. Lauren could not have Homo-phobia, a fear of homosexuals, and have a gay best friend.

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