June 05, 2008

A Confident Crook

So, I was in the locker room the other morning. A guy says "Excuse me" and then starts rifling through my gym bag.

What I didn't see was the second before when his goggles fell into my bag from his locker.

I stood there in baffled silence, perhaps so impressed by his nonchalance that if he had taken my wallet, I'd have let him go.

So, it got me thinking. You're somewhere (locker room, restaurant) where your wallet is out. A stronger comes up to you, says "Excuse me", takes the wallet, says "I'll be RIGHT BACK", and hurries away.

What % of people would that work on? I feel like it might. Because crooks don't usually show that kind of courtesy.

1 comment:

Bradenex said...

Con Man.

"The first known usage of the term "confidence man" was in 1849; it was used by the press during the trial of William Thompson. Thompson chatted with strangers until he asked if they had the confidence to lend him their watches, whereupon he would walk off with the watch."

You even used the word in your title.

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