July 28, 2008

eMission? Impossible!

My wife's car was up for emissions testing this weekend. This because of regulation meant to ensure that our exhaust pipes are only letting out a certain amount of evilness into the world.

So, I drove over to the next town where the testing facility was and sat in line for 22 minutes in that hot summer sun with the other 30 or so cars at any given time on both sides of me, in idle, as we waited to get the documented approval that we were doing our part to save the world.


Jeff said...

If your premise is that you would've emitted fewer carbon emissions if you hadn't had to go and wait in line, assuming you keep your car in good condition...than I'll grant you that.

If, however, your premise is that overall this law, when considering there are over 300 million Americans and more cars than people in this country, does more harm than good, then I reject your premise.

Waiting in line for a few minutes and having to take a trip to an emissions facility once every few years works to lower emissions when considering the bigger picture.

Inconvenient? Yes. Inefficient? No.

Eric Olsen said...

how can both premises be true? does it depend on what % of cars are not up to code and by how much?

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