July 24, 2008

You Know What Germany Needs?

A Superstar Athlete.

Imagine you're on Family Feud. The question comes up, "Name a Famous German."

Who's the #1 answer going to be?

That's pretty bad public relations.


Anonymous said...

Dietrich Bonhoffer

Eric Olsen said...

you're lucky to make the top five with that. Einstein and Beethoven might round out the top 3.

Steve said...

Dirk does not appreciate that you forgot him.

Steve said...

No one's going to take that throne, though. Best an athlete could do would be to assume the title of most famous living German.

Justin Elder said...

3. Boris Becker: 6 time Major Chapion, including Wimbledon at 17.

2. Steffi Graf: One of the top three women's tennis players of all time.

1. Michael Schumacher: 7 time Formula One Champion and according to wikipedia "According to the official Formula One website, he is "statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen".

Not bad, just not sports we follow, well other than tennis once a year.

Jeff said...

David Hasselhoff is famous inGermany. Does that count?

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