August 29, 2008

Art School is for Fakers

I used to be adamant against people going to film school to learn how to make movies. Simply because, the best guys never had to. It was natural to them.

I still believe that.

That's why I'm taking design classes. Because I can't do it. And I want to.

And since I'm not one of those people who can just see the world like that, my next best option is learning how to imitate them.

August 28, 2008

I Wanna Be Like Don

I've been thinking about changing my personality, to emulate Don Draper, lead character on the hit AMC series, "Mad Men" about ad executives from NYC in 1960.

Most noticeably, the dude is always calm, and speaks intentionally. His personality commands attention.

So, why shouldn't I emulate this? Because it's not "me"?

Our personalities subconsciously evolve over time to adjust to our circumstances. We intentionally rid ourselves of bad habits because of how they are received. Why shouldn't I forcefully adjust my personality in order to be more successful?

August 26, 2008

A Vicious Exercycle

There's an overweight man. He's embarrassed about his appearance, and really needs the motivation and personal attention of a gym membership.

Here's the problem. He is embarrassed about his appearance.

And joining a gym would require him to go out into that very public he's embarrassed to be seen by in his condition, wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt that don't hide much.

So, instead, he buys a treadmill and never uses it.

How do we tip this?

August 25, 2008

U.S. Eh?

I wonder if people from other countries are confused when they watch the Olympics and see that a large majority of American athletes are black?

They know our politicians. They know our Hollywood stars. And then they watch track and field, and basketball contests being dominated by Americans who largely look nothing like these people.

So, in all cases except China, as they're likely upset by American athletic dominance that overshadows their own, don't they have to be slightly intrigued by the apparent melting pot of American awesomeness?

August 22, 2008

Loaded Words


For someone in my parent's generation, feminism meant the belief that women were inherently equal in both worth and talent to men, and should not be limited from career options based on incorrect social stigmas of inferiority.

Whereas, I grew up thinking that feminists believed men were evil, stay-at-home mothers were victims and being pro-life meant being anti-woman.

I think my generation needs to watch more 50s real-life dramas (aka Mad Men) to get some perspective.

One more quick one.


Simply means liberty. And think about what that word has come to imply, both good and bad.

Words are powerful. Loaded. And dangerous. Avoid them at all costs. Either that, or think.

August 21, 2008

Musn't Touch You

There's a tight hallway in my office. And I realized this morning that whenever I pass someone, I turn toward them, with my back to the wall, and slightly touch my stomach, almost as if holding it in to prevent our bellies from bouncing into each other.

What's your standard procedure for avoiding collisions?

August 20, 2008

Follow the Leader

My wife and I hardly ever fight. When we do, it's typically when working on household projects together.

Why is this? Because no one's in charge.

We've touched on this concept before, but I never associated it with marriage.

Every task requires leadership. Yet, neither myself or my wife's natural skill set involves painting doors or moving furniture. So, when we work together on these tasks, it is often challenging, because we both start directing and disagreeing.

To avoid these arguments, my solution until now has simply been to split up these tasks into solo efforts as much as possible.

But, now I think there's a better option. Decide who's in control for each task. And follow the leader.

August 13, 2008

While I'm Gone

I'll be on vacation 'til next Wednesday. Going to Seattle for a friend's wedding.
Here are 2 topics to think about and discuss amongst yourselves 'til we meet again.

1) What SHOULD the role of the federal government be?

Do not let it's current role sway you. Try to start from scratch. By golly, read the constitution if you have to. Then, in the most basic form you can, share your thoughts.

2) Complete the following limerick, in a PG fashion.

There once was a nun from Mantucket...

August 12, 2008

Idea: Bottled Air

Do you remember the first time you saw someone drink bottled water? For me, it was about 20 years ago. My aunt. We all thought she was ridiculous. She was simply ahead of her time.

So, here's my idea. Bottled Air.

You start running commercials talking about the disgusting amount of impurities in the air you breathe every day. Asthma rates. Cancer rates. Quivering blood cells.

Then, you show a person pull out a beautifully packaged pouch. In it, one lung-filling gulp of crystal-clear air. Purified. Packed with minerals that are immediately absorbed by the blood stream to jump-start your blood cells.

Live Healthy. Live Happy. Breathe Again.

Let the money flow begin.

August 11, 2008

"They Did The Best They Could"

I am very sick of this statement.

I read it often in articles where a person is talking about how they were poorly raised by their negligent parents. They always cover it up with, "But, they didn't know any better. They did the best they could."

No, they didn't. You just said that your father drunkenly beat you. That is the WORST they could do.

And in lesser cases, it's STILL not true. No one does the best they could. They may not have killed you. But, this shouldn't be admired, and this overused, generic and utterly false statement should never be used again.

August 08, 2008

It's Only Natural

Does the excuse of being "natural" make something inherently "right"? Or, the oft-used, "I was born that way."

Giving away all of my money would be very unnatural, and yet, it is arguably a very good thing.

Lying is very natural, and yet it is wrong.

August 07, 2008

The Tipping Point: Part Eight

I'm sick of pennies. I'm sick of getting them back when I don't have exact change. And I'm sick of my car's change tray getting filled up with these slightly more than worthless copper engravings filling up my car's change tray. How can we tip this personal problem for me, and get rid of pennies for good?

Oh yeah, and it costs more than $.01 just to MAKE a penny, so more than my personal grievances, they're not very economically sound either.

My gut reaction is to just start paying for little purchases in pennies until an outcry is reached. But, all that will probably serve to do is get businesses mad at you. And they likely do not have the power to put a stop to the manufacturing of pennies. So, what about something like paying our taxes in pennies? Then the government can see how annoying they are.

Any ideas like this that could tip this problem?

August 06, 2008

The God of My Father

Lots of people have God experiences. Ones that make you go, "Holy crap. God IS real!"

Let's say it happens to a Catholic girl during a Church service. A boy at the beach, who comes from a Hindu family. A man in a mosque. An old Jewish lady at her home.

They all usually assume that the God they had an encounter with is the God of the religion they're most familiar with or have familial ties to.

How do we get past that? Meet God. And seek truth.

August 05, 2008

Sabai Says:

"Dating is not finding someone you love. It's choosing someone to love."

August 04, 2008

Rage Against Whatever

My last three days were spent at the musical festival, Lollapalooza, in Chicago. There were many highlights, all brought to you today by the letter R, including Radiohead, The Raconteurs and Rage Against the Machine.

This post will reflect upon my experience at Rage Against the Machine, who were, apparently, also sponsored by the number hate.

I passed up Wilco as the Saturday night closer, even though there was a circling rumor that Barack Obama would make an appearance and likely give an impassioned address about how we were the change that we have been waiting for. I simply couldn't pass up the chance to see Rage live.

They did not disappoint. 3 show stoppages for injuries and calls to stop hitting/trampling each other. Political cries from the stage that seemed to empathize the rumored speaker's ideas, but with added rhetoric and casual threats such as "take this violence to the streets" and "if Obama gets into office and doesn't do what we say, we're going to go burn Washington to the ground".

If Obama loses this election, we'll hear that it's simply because of his race. If he wins this election, who does he have to cater to? The Gandhis in his party or the revolutionaries?

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