August 06, 2008

The God of My Father

Lots of people have God experiences. Ones that make you go, "Holy crap. God IS real!"

Let's say it happens to a Catholic girl during a Church service. A boy at the beach, who comes from a Hindu family. A man in a mosque. An old Jewish lady at her home.

They all usually assume that the God they had an encounter with is the God of the religion they're most familiar with or have familial ties to.

How do we get past that? Meet God. And seek truth.


Anonymous said...

I think you are imposing a Christian bias on this question. I think the non-Christians you mention are less likely to have this personal experience...and if they do far less likely to be so confident as to believe its the God of their tradition. A more appropriate question may be how do we get Christians to see less narrowly.

Eric Olsen said...

an encounter can mean any experience where you go "holy crap. god is real." i'm not talking about a burning bush, or a vision, or a miracle. Just an "aha" moment. Why would that experience be limited to Christians?

Anonymous said...

Knowing God exists /= Eternal life. Demons know God exists and they tremble with reverance more than we do!

The crux of all human existance is found in this revelation of God: Jesus Christ! Why? because none can interface with God in right relationship or have any sort of understanding of who he is apart from this revelation--not simply the message of forgiveness--but the substance of the word becoming flesh IN YOU (forgiveness of sins, the kingdom, eternal judgment, all of it)! The eternal quality of your life is dramatically shifted when you come into supernatural encounter with God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. There is no morality, religion, wordview, or work that you can do or partake in that will effect the eternal quality of your life apart from Christ, who is the one who will judge all!

To differentiate, a muslim having an "aha!" moment and feeling that God is real is subject to his interpretation of what that moment means and how he lives his life in response to it. Islam has nothing to offer his eternal soul. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal the one true living God. Muslims are likely having "Aha!" moments while encountering demons who fuel their religion of control, violence, and false religiocity.

If what I said is true, all implications in place, this means the christian church in the united states and europe is in serious trouble because how rare it is for people who have more than "Aha!" but the substance of the living God and eternal life resonating in their souls to the point they are giving all for the sake of the blood of Jesus. God have mercy and pour out your spirit on us that we would be fully possessed by you God!!!!!!

Eric Olsen said...


So, is your hypothesis that a muslim can not have a true encounter w/ God without also obtaining the knowledge through this encounter that Jesus is Lord?

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