August 11, 2008

"They Did The Best They Could"

I am very sick of this statement.

I read it often in articles where a person is talking about how they were poorly raised by their negligent parents. They always cover it up with, "But, they didn't know any better. They did the best they could."

No, they didn't. You just said that your father drunkenly beat you. That is the WORST they could do.

And in lesser cases, it's STILL not true. No one does the best they could. They may not have killed you. But, this shouldn't be admired, and this overused, generic and utterly false statement should never be used again.


sean said...

i think you did the best you could do with that blog post

Matt J said...

Yes. You gave 110%. Good job Sabai.

Sabai said...

see, that's different. because i really AM awesome.

Blue's Dad said...

There are many successful people who have come from bad circumstances. It CAN be done! Good Job

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