August 13, 2008

While I'm Gone

I'll be on vacation 'til next Wednesday. Going to Seattle for a friend's wedding.
Here are 2 topics to think about and discuss amongst yourselves 'til we meet again.

1) What SHOULD the role of the federal government be?

Do not let it's current role sway you. Try to start from scratch. By golly, read the constitution if you have to. Then, in the most basic form you can, share your thoughts.

2) Complete the following limerick, in a PG fashion.

There once was a nun from Mantucket...


Bradenex said...

There once was a nun from Mantucket,
when given a harp she would pluck it,
but Mother Superior,
grew of it wearier,
so under her arm she did tuck it.

Logan said...

There once was a nun from Mantucket
Who carried her robe in a bucket.
The Father asked why
"It stinks," she replied
"And it shrunk, so I'm going to chuck it."

Eric Olsen said...

Wow! I am more than impressed. This makes it actually difficult to award a winner. But, this is why you hired me. To make the tough calls.

The winner...Mr. Molyneux.

(for those of you who don't know, it's funny because both contestants are brothers)

(if you still don't know, that's funny because they both have the same last name)


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