Cake is Cake

"Wow, this cake is amazing."

No, it's not. It's cake. And perhaps frosting. By definition, this can't be the "greatest cake you've ever had" more than it can be the "worst cake you've ever had."

While it is very difficult to make a good cake (proportions, temperature and timing have to all be perfect), the result is only one of two options. Moist or dry. Good or bad.

The simplicity of the ingredients make it impossible for cake to achieve the status of greatness. It's cake or it's crap.

(note: this post stems from Emily's comment yesterday. Just goes to show you, your suggestions are welcome here.)


Totally wrong. Frosting can make or break a cake, flavor can make or break a cake. I've been told you can make cake with a can of coke, no way you are telling me coke cake and your wedding cake were equally delicious......

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