September 24, 2008

Sub-par. Sub-human. Sub-urban.

Is the word "suburbs" meant to shame me?

As if I am something less than my urban friends. Because of my gas-guzzling commute. Because of my willing separation from the cultural mecca that is Chicago.

On the plus side, I get to record drums in my basement without violating noise permits, my wife has a vegetable garden in our backyard, and we have hundreds of miles of biking trails nearby.

I'll keep it.


Matt J said...

No are actually "below"-urban if you look on a map.

Cheesehead Runner said...

I don't need the suburbs for bike trails, I have 20 miles of lake front to bike on!

Eric Olsen said...

1) getting your bike to the lakefront is difficult from many parts of Chicago, especially when the bike needs to be stored in one's apartment/condo that requires stairs.

2) what happened to your grill again? oh yeah, STOLEN. pssh. urbanites.

Cheesehead Runner said...

If we're going to get technical:

1) Stairs are part of the work out - check out the guns on me!

2)I'm not going to say I'm ok with the grill stealing BUT technically I didn't pay for that grill, it was on my porch so I claimed to inherit it - now I have a bigger better grill that is chained to the porch.

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