October 21, 2008

Juneau? Of Coure I Know.

Let's say Alaska decided they wanted to secede from the Union.

As Americans with a similar history of claiming independence from a country who controlled us from far away, wouldn't we have to be at least sympathetic to the argument?

Choose a side and list your reasons.


Anonymous said...

I will side with any Alaskan who can offer me valid reasons (I don't happen to know what the basis of that argument is, other than the man on the news who wants Alaska to secede because the lower 48 is a bunch of dorks.) But as far as being inherently sympathetic because I'm an American, as I recall, we separated ourselves from England because they were imposing wildly unfair taxes and treating us like children, governing from afar, not welcoming our involvement, and assuming we were ignorant and helpless. Oh, wait...

Who knows. Maybe I'll move there.

I think an S seceded, by the way.

Eric Olsen said...

right, the "not welcoming our involvement" doesn't hold because of our current representative government, and everything else except "governing from afar" applies to every state.

What does Alaska gain from being part of the Union? Security? Wouldn't the U.S. still be their ally post-secession?

Marc said...

Hey, easy come, easy go.

I have no problem with any state deciding they want to self-govern. In fact, I believe it would be a dangerous position to declare that states no longer have that prerogative. Naturally, none of the 48 are going to do anything that could jeopardize the flow of goods and services.

However, should McCain win the election on a "drill ANWR" platform, it might be a shrewd economic move to secede after the McCain administration helps fund the oil production infrastructure.

"Thanks for the drills and refineries, but we're afraid that prices just went up"

Heck, Alaska could turn into a weird frozen Saudi Arabia. Sheik Palin, anyone? (sorry, she's the only Alaskan I know)

Eric Olsen said...

ha, I like the thought Marc. But, while Palin has shown support for drilling in ANWR, McCain still opposes it.

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