October 23, 2008

Social Justice High

In Chicago, there is a proposal for the development of a gay-friendly high school that would ensure gay students have a safe place to learn.

Shouldn't our focus be to reform anti-gay attitudes at our current high schools? If gay kids are feeling threatened at their current schools, I understand the desire they have to escape these harmful environments. But if the problem is the stigma, are we just prolonging the problem by separating ourselves?

(post idea submitted by frequent contributor, Emily)

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chris said...

Your point is well placed, and I actually think the primary focus of educators is to address homophobic attitudes in traditional high schools.

While this is addressed, though, there remain students who are unsuccessful in traditional high schools, and also in alternative schools where they frequently wind up in. I think the strategy of "gay high schools" is meant to accommodate students who've been unsuccessful in every other inclusive environment. While it's true that we run the risk of prolonging problem of homophobia, that's really irrelevant for some individual students in the here and now who deserve to not have to wait to receive an education.

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