November 04, 2008

Before You Vote...

Ask yourself one question.

How does Renee Zellweger keep getting cast in movies? I don't know ANYONE who likes her. Guys don't think she's cute, and therefore, do not like her. And she's no Meryl Streep, whose acting makes up for that aesthetic lack. And since she's neither talented nor pretty, girls don't admire her.

Who keeps putting her in movies???


emily w said...

1. I like her.
2. My dad is not all guys, but he thinks she's captivating. So that's one man.
3. Guys can't like women who aren't cute?
4. Meryl Streep is elegant and graceful and comfortable in her own skin--she's unique, and there is aesthetic appeal there.
5. I think RZ's talented and I admire her versatility.
6. People who need well-rounded squinty actresses in lead roles.

Happy election day!

Bradenex said...

SAME WITH UMA THURMAN!!! Ugly, poor actor, still makes movies.

TJarrett said...

WHAT!? Uma is definitely not ugly, a GREAT actor, and is in fantastic movies, like My Super Ex Girlfriend.

Eric Olsen said...

uma will look streepish in 20 years.

THIS is the election day discourse i was hoping for.

Steve said...

I'd argue she is cast because she is famous. And, to her credit, she is famous because she used to have both. You don't think she was at least somewhat cute circa "Jerry Maguire"? And she was very good in the first Bridget Jones movie and probably deserved an Oscar nomination for "Nurse Betty."

It seems like when she lost all that weight after the first Bridget Jones film, she lost both, to some extent. (Yes, I know she's won one Oscar and was nominated for another since then. No, I didn't think she deserved them.) She's rarely awful, but I no longer view her presence as a reason to see a movie.

At the very least, she doesn't have awful taste when it comes to choosing roles, the rather dour and dull "Miss Potter" aside. I mean except for "Cold Mountain," which was good in spite of her storyline, I don't know that Nicole Kidman has been in a good movie since "The Others."

Anonymous said...

I feel like we need to start talking about Tom Cruise now.

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