November 06, 2008

Bring Back the Duel

On Tuesday, the state of Washington legalized physician-assisted suicide, making it only the second state after Oregon to do so. This, obviously, just a slippery slope on the way to giving citizens back control of their lives.

The only good thing that can come from this is that perhaps we'll decide duels are okay again, or what I call, faster-man-to-turn-around-assisted suicide.

And I can't wait. I've been demanding satisfaction for quite a while now.


Matt J said...
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Matt J said...

What's up with the northwesterly-ness of these states? the climate, right?

I've always heard Washington has high suicide rates...The people of that state are doing just fine offing themselves without any assistance.

Maybe it's for the terminally ill. The terminally ill should have the same rights as any grunge rock band member.

Anonymous said...

Matt J does bring up a good point.

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