November 24, 2008

I'm Allergic to Lions

And if you're allergic to cats, you probably are, too.

So, lead with that next time your pharmacist asks you what you're allergic to. Way cooler.

(idea submitted by frequent contributor Emily's lion-suffering father)


Jason Jamnik said...

I'm curious. How do you make being allergic to grass sound cool?

Eric Olsen said...

what's cooler than an excuse to NOT mow the lawn?

emily w said...

What bothers me is when I tell people I'm allergic to their cats, and for some reason all they hear is me saying, "I do not like your beloved pet at all." "Oh, Mittens, get off her lap. She doesn't like you!" No, that's not what I said. It's just that I have hives and I physically cannot stop sneezing.

I wonder if zookeepers would feel broken-hearted if I told them I'm allergic to their big cats.

Also, thanks to my dad for this topic. Not only has he had an allergic reaction to a lion, but he has to mow the lawn with a mask on (sorry, Sabai--no real excuse there).

Poppy said...

Thanks for this article.

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