November 21, 2008

The Pregnancy Test

A prospective employer hands you a form to fill out. One of the questions on it says, "Are you pregnant or do you plan on becoming pregnant in the near future?"

You'd be outraged, right?

But, why is it wrong for an employer to find out if a prospective employee is going to have to take a significant leave of duty in the near future when making a hiring decision?

Because you might not give her the job?

Ok. But, hiring her over someone without those ambitions is arguably bad for the company, bad for the rest of the employees, and bad for the clients the employee will be responsible for.

Isn't it sillier not to ask?


Cheesehead Runner said...

Then they would also have to ask, are you planning on getting married, going on vacation, helping an ailing relative.....the list is way too long and people would just lie anyway....

Anonymous said...

Probably has more to do with sexism than anything because men cannot have babies. So I am sure that this would be seen as a way to hire men over women. End result: feminist picking you company, but they really should not be mad because most are lesbians and not able to be pregnant because of their choice of having sex

Anonymous said...

It is wrong because only women are discriminated against in hiring in this way.

It is important not to ask because gender equality is more important than profit.

Ariana said...

It's good to read about it.

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